Free managing road risk resource packs available for SMEs

Published: 30 Mar 2015 09:30


A new resource pack has been launched to help SMEs improve the safety of staff who drive for work, prevent crashes and cut costs.

It’s being rolled out by road safety charity Brake, with the support of the Department of Transport, and is designed for SMEs with less experience in – and resources for – road risk management, as well as larger businesses and associations.

According to Brake, managing road risk can have a big impact on SMEs’ bottom line – from avoiding minor bumps and scrapes, reducing insurance premiums, and preventing the major fallout and reputational damage of a serious crash.

Its new pack includes:

- a comprehensive guidance report, The business case for fleet safety, outlining how fleet safety can save money, meet legal and moral responsibilities, and protect communities. The report includes two case studies: Crossrail (Europe's largest infrastructure project) and O'Donovan Waste Disposal (an SME that won contracts with Crossrail because of their road safety reputation);

- six driver advice sheets, designed to be provided to drivers, giving guidance based on Brake’s Pledge: six simple things drivers can do to protect themselves and people around them;

- Managing road risk for SMEs PowerPoint presentation, giving advice on policies and procedures to manage road risk, including driver recruitment and training, vehicle maintenance and checks, and journey planning. Includes case studies from Peter's Foods, TMJ Interiors and Qdell Couriers;

- Brake’s 2014 guidance report, Essential guide to fleet safety for SMEs and employers setting out in fleet safety; and

- web banners and other tools for promoting Brake’s Pledge to at-work drivers.

Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive at Brake, said: “Making sure that staff driving on work time are safe can deliver significant business benefits, including reduced insurance premiums and improved reputation. Driving is the riskiest thing many people do at work, and at-work crashes, bumps and scrapes may be companies’ biggest unpredictable cost, so it’s vital for businesses of any size to manage this risk. It can be daunting for smaller organisations to put in place effective fleet safety practices, but these resources make clear the business case for doing so, and simple steps you can take. They also direct to further useful tools available from Brake and other agencies. I would urge all small businesses with employees who drive for work to use these resources to drive down road risk, saving money and lives. I’d also encourage larger organisations to make use of this excellent pack to share best practice among suppliers, contacts and contractors.”

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