Bad weather advice issued to transport providers

Published: 9 Jan 2015 06:30


WITH bad weather expected to hit the UK today and winds of up to 100mph likely to cause disruption, travellers are being warned to be prepared.

Steve Cassidy, director of future mobility at ESP Group, has issued the following advice to help transport providers minimise that disruption:

1. Anticipate issues before they take hold – during the UK winter bad weather is almost guaranteed, ensure back up plans are in place such as alternative transport provision

2. Assign a working group to bad weather provision – a team that are on call and available to execute the bad weather plan

3. Ensure real time information (RTI) is accurate and available to passengers – this covers everything from train platform displays to apps and websites, social media channels and push messages to those who the provider knows will be affected – this needs to be multi-channel and passengers need to be able to find the information as easily as possible

4. Consider alternative ways to get the passengers from A to B – with flight cancellations can bus or train transport be arranged? Are there longer routes by road that will still get passengers to their final destination? Put the passenger first – what would be best for them?

5. Make decisions early and communicate as fast as possible – if passengers have early warning of issues they have more time to make alternative plans

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