Three Fife groups to benefit from nearly £9k courtesy of ScotRail

Published: 25 Nov 2014 09:30


THREE Fife-based community groups are set to share a £8,923 donation from the ScotRail Foundation.

Kirkcaldy Community Radio presenters

Kirkcaldy Community Radio presenters

They are among 16 community groups to benefit from the latest round of

grants from the Foundation, which distributes funding to groups that

support children and young people, improve the environment or enhance the

general health and wellbeing of local communities.

The groups in Fife to receive a Foundation boost include:

· Taymara, which was awarded £5,000 towards the purchase of a rigid inflatable boat. Taymara uses boats and nautical training to highlight the value of the marine environment and make the waters of the Tay estuary more accessible to the public. It also provides opportunities for people with disabilities and those with life-threatening illnesses to travel on its boats and have new, exciting experiences. The new boat will enable the charity to provide more of these experiences.

· Central Dunfermline Community Council, which has received £2,933 to raise awareness of the public park located next to Dunfermline railway station. The donation from the ScotRail Foundation will go towards purchasing a new sign for the park, and works to improve the condition of the area for community use.

· Kirkcaldy Community Radio was awarded £990 to help create a second studio for the radio station. This will help to increase their training programme for the wider community, including schoolchildren, and enable volunteer presenters to pre-record broadcasts. The donation from the ScotRail Foundation will go towards equipment for the studio.

Bob Richmond, chairman of Taymara, said: "We are very pleased to have received funding from the ScotRail Foundation. The money will go towards the purchase of a new boat, which will allow us to expand the existing creative breaks that we offer to disadvantaged people within the community.

“The new boat will cost £15,000. We are waiting to hear back regarding other funding applications, so we hope they are just as generous as the ScotRail Foundation."

Jim Stewart, chair of Central Dunfermline Community Council, said: “We will be using the funds to raise community awareness of the public park, which sits next to Dunfermline train station. As it’s quite hidden, over the past few years the park has been neglected and become overgrown.

“The grant from the ScotRail Foundation will allow us to address this - helping us to clear the park and also fund a sign that will encourage people to use it as a walking and cycling route to the town centre.”

John Murray, chairman of Kirkcaldy Community Radio, said: “This grant is of huge financial benefit to our charity, and will allow for more training of communication, programming, planning and technical skills for our growing group of volunteers.”

ScotRail staff who raise funds on an individual basis for a charity close to their hearts can also apply to the Foundation for up to £250 in ‘match funding’. A total of £15,000 from the £100,000 funding pot for the year is available for this, with the remaining £85,000 awarded to community groups.

In its first year, the Foundation distributed £100,000 to 51 community groups and 18 charities. It has already donated more than £46,000 during year two.

Director Pat Callaghan, who manages corporate social responsibility for

ScotRail, said: “We believe we are much more than a railway operator, and

have a significant part to play in improving our communities. We are proud

of the funding that the Foundation has delivered to charities and community

groups so far, and look forward to supporting the valuable work of others

in future.”

The next deadline for community applications is Monday 1 December. Three

regional committees of ScotRail staff, who volunteered for the role, will then meet to select the groups which best meet the criteria - and successful applicants will be announced in March 2015.

Foundation Scotland, an independent charity with more than 18 years of

experience, manages the fund on behalf of ScotRail.

Groups interested in submitting an application should contact Foundation

Scotland on 0141 341 4960, or visit for more information.

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