IT support for Fife businesses

Published: 23 Feb 2015 07:30

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ARE you a Fife business looking to improve your use of IT?

The improvement could be to support any one of a number of business requirements e.g. introducing remote working, developing online ordering, managing your customer data, improving your social media presence. If so, there may be help at hand.

Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Chambers of Commerce are together delivering the CREATE programme which will provide Fife businesses with funded advice on how they can make better use of IT and technology to become more competitive and develop and grow.

The CREATE programme offers businesses the following funded services:

1. An independent review session with an IT expert. These experts have been selected from recognised IT support businesses across Scotland.

2. The development of a tailored action plan explaining how IT improvements could best support your business.

3. Access to training materials

4. Further dedicated support from the IT expert should you wish to go ahead and implement improvements.

Businesses within the Fife area have started benefitting from this service, with the feedback telling us that face to face support from a local IT expert is exceptionally valuable. Businesses signed up for the IT review range across many sectors from Construction, to Tourism, to Financial Services. Small and medium businesses are eligible for the support.

Fully funded business-to-business advice, in the comfort of your own office, at the timing of your choice – we put your needs first.

There are limited spaces on the programme, which is running until June 2015. If you wish to register interest, or would like further information, please email Jacqui Curley

Rural areas typically have poor access to broadband, an issue which is being progressively tackled through the Scottish Government’s Digital Scotland programme. Evidence shows that even where effective connectivity is available, the take up and exploitation of the service is poor, resulting in significant benefit to businesses remaining unrealised.

The CREATE programme is therefore running in parallel with the implementation of Superfast Broadband across Scotland’s rural communities to encourage businesses to use technology effectively. If the timing of the CREATE programme coincides with broadband improvements within your area, what better time to access advice on how this improved technology can be harnessed to best effect?

The Scottish programme is part of a wider support programme being delivered across Europe. An added benefit for business is the potential to engage with similar businesses / suppliers across the continent through a common register.

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