Design firm diversification leads to energy solutions

Published: 26 Apr 2013 11:500 comments

A Fife-based firm has landed its first license to supply breakthrough technology advice after migrating from a traditional design company to commercialising its own products.

Supply Design, has secured a £100,000 contract with a major Fife defence company after winning a trilogy of awards which have allowed the firm to pioneer its own technology, which could make energy more efficient and cost effective.

Its Rosyth site scooped the 2012 Shell Springboard accolade and was named NMI's Regional Award Winner in its Power Electrical roll of honour, as well as securing a Smart Scotland grant to develop its conversion technology.

Although managing director Craig Britton can't reveal the name of his first licensee, he can confirm that the new deal has given the team credibility in "a lot of spheres".

Britton said: "Our conversion technology focuses on converting electricity from three-phase mains to DC flat static voltage, which could mean lighter, more efficient and cost effective energy.

"We see it as a tangible solution in terms of aerospace manufacturing, industry transformer rectifier units, and fast energising for electric vehicles."

"Although I can't confirm who our first licensee is at this stage, I can report that we'll be providing strategic advice and support relating to the products we've developed.

"In other words, we'll be providing the methodology and insights towards making their energy related projects more productive."

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