Scottish employers top UK poll of health and wellbeing providers

Published: 2 Jun 2015 09:30


SCOTTISH employers have been revealed as the best bosses in the UK when it comes to looking after the health and wellbeing of their staff.

Mike Blake, PMI Health Group

In a study carried out by PMI Health Group, 16 per cent more Scottish employees than last year said their employers provide benefits targeted towards improving their overall health.

Director Mike Blake said: “Although the boost in benefit provision is encouraging, companies in Scotland could still give greater consideration to employee health and wellbeing.

“With increasing restrictions in NHS provision, it is in the interests of businesses to minimise the costly impact of sickness absence. Corporate healthcare initiatives can help achieve this while helping to address health inequalities.”

The results put Scotland – at 47 per cent - ahead of companies in East Anglia (46 per cent), closely followed by London businesses (45 per cent) who previously finished top in 2014. Those in the North West fared the worst (26 per cent).

Blake added: “Scotland often suffers from a poor reputation for healthcare provision, given the statistics on obesity and heart disease, which compare unfavourably to the rest of the UK.

“Our survey results show that Scottish employers are starting to take new responsibilities towards helping their staff stay fit and healthy very seriously.”

The increase in health and wellbeing provision for Scottish workers has been reflected in burgeoning levels of satisfaction. The study found that 49 per cent of employees in the region are satisfied with the range of benefits they receive from their employers – up from 25 per cent in 2014.

Workers in London were found to be the most content with 67 per cent happy with their benefits provision.

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