Edinburgh property firm looks to China

Published: 7 Apr 2015 07:30

Growth Strategies: Exporting

MORE and more Scottish SMEs are recognising the importance of the Chinese international market.

One of these is Coulters, a property specialist based in Edinburgh, which has launched a new website in China to meet increasing demand.

According to the firm, the overall average price of properties for Chinese buyers in the UK is £770k but ultra-high-net-worth buyers can spend millions.

Statistics show that, on average, Chinese high-net-worth individuals own 2.5 homes in China or abroad.

Coulters has decided to embrace this and says it’s recognised the need to provide a bespoke service to potential investors from the Far East.

It’s now become the first property, sales and lettings agent in Scotland to launch such a service.

“In 2013 China’s high net worth individuals grew dramatically with a 17 per cent increase in the millionaire bracket,” says managing director Mark Coulter.

“Last year alone approximately 88,000 students came to the UK from China to study, which proves there is a huge market to be tapped into.”

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