Hotels urged to shop around for water suppliers

Published: 27 Feb 2015 07:30

Special Report: Water Supply - The Choices

SCOTLAND’S hotels are being urged to seize the opportunity to save money and become more efficient by putting their choice of water supplier to the test.

Alan Munro, head of Scotland, TWCS

Alan Munro, head of Scotland, TWCS

Hotels typically use a lot of water, but by not choosing to shop around for the best deal from a provider, Thames Water Commercial Services (TWCS) warns that these businesses could be paying over the odds.

Marc Crothall, CEO, Scottish Tourism Alliance, the overarching industry trade body, said: “Many hotels are now seeing the benefits of switching water provider.

“Switching energy companies has become the norm to get the best rates and better service level agreements for your business - so it makes sense for tourism operators to look at doing the same with their water management contract too.”

Thames Water Commercial Services (TWCS) has seen an unprecedented surge in the number of hotels from across Scotland signing up to its services.

Alan Munro, who heads up the Scottish team, said that demand has come from all types of hotels.

He said: “From big name chains to smaller boutique hotel groups - such as Cosmopolitan Hotels in Renfrewshire - all have made savings by moving to us, many enjoying a reduction of up to 20% a year on their water bill.

“Further savings of an additional 30 per cent, depending on the type of hotel, can be made by tighteningwater management processes, which can also have a significant impact on the all-important energy bills.”

Parminder Purewal, director of Cosmopolitan Hotels, has been impressed by the TWCS team and the savings they have offered.

He said: "Our main motivation for moving to TWCS was due to a clear passion and appetite shown by the Thames team.

"We believed we were making adequate savings with our current supplier until Thames clarified there were further cost efficiencies available at each hotel, which for an operational profit point of view, made complete sense.

"We were offered impressive efficiency savings demonstrated by highly motivated Business Development Managers who were transparent in the breakdown of all transitional costs."

Another hotel group which chose to move to TWCS is The Edinburgh Collection, who have four properties in the capital, including the five star, The Howard.

Commercial director Ricky Kapoor said: “We decided to switch to Thames Water Commercial Services, not just because we were tempted with tremendous savings, but because we were so impressed by the dynamic nature of their approach.

“They were proactive, friendly and sought a real sense of partnership. We discussed our needs and usage to see how we could really benefit from working together.

“The TWCS team were keen to explore all the ways in which we as a company could save money, including conservation techniques, which also falls in line with our environmental policy. This was most welcome and refreshing.”

The potential saving on overhead costs is a significant issue for any hotel business. For example, a 30-bedroom hotel could save enough to employ a part-time marketing resource, invest significantly in their website or upgrade hotel facilities.

Munro said: “We’ve developed great relationships with hotels over the past couple of years and now know how to truly add value. Flexible billing and helping to reduce water and energy all help a hotel get on top of their utilities, leaving them to focus on their core operation - running a great hotel.”

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