12 Jun 2015 09:30

City lights: Clydeside Hydro View, Glasgow

GLASGOW has never looked so good. If you’re looking for a room with a view, this is it.

3 Jun 2015 09:30

Taxman gets tougher on those who default

MORE than 6,000 tax defaulters were referred to a special HMRC monitoring unit in the tax year 2014/15 – signalling an increase of 30 per cent and that the taxman is getting tougher on those who deliberately default on their liabilities.

26 May 2015 09:30

Britons warned not to become over-confident in their spending

TRUST Deed Scotland is warning Britons not to grow over-confident or complacent with their borrowing or spending despite a new survey suggesting improvements in consumer finances.

25 May 2015 09:30

Largest ever arena set for St Andrews

THE Old Course is set to host the largest ever arena to be constructed at St Andrews.

25 May 2015 09:30

The Bitcoin Legacy

VERY simply, bitcoin is the worlds first decentralised digital currency created by a pseudonymous character known as ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ in 2008.

21 May 2015 06:30

Training provider calls on Fife hospitality sector to help boost employability

AS Scottish Modern Apprenticeship Week 2015 draws to a close, training provider is calling on Fife employers to do their bit to boost employability.

11 May 2015 09:30

Tax devolution: Fiscal independence comes at a price and should not be rushed

IN the final few days of last year’s referendum campaign promises of further fiscal powers were offered by the ‘Better Together’ campaign. While they may have fallen short – or well short if you believe the SNP claims – of full fiscal devolution, they do give Scotland more power over their income than is currently enjoyed by the Welsh or Northern Ireland Assembly, however, as is always the case, there is a cost involved.

9 May 2015 09:30

In the dark over VAT?

MORE than a third of small firms in the UK could be unintentionally falling short of what they should be paying HM Revenue & Customs because they’re unaware of the VAT registration threshold, a new survey claims.

5 May 2015 09:30

Balbirnie - the benchmark of good service?

BALBIRNIE House Hotel has been attracting guests from around the world for 25 years.

5 May 2015 09:30

Why Modern Apprenticeships rank highly among Scotland’s senior decision makers

APPRENTICESHIPS are growing in popularity, according to new research, in which 81 per cent of Scottish business leaders say they develop skills which can only be gained through employment.

5 May 2015 09:30

Knowing the difference between apprentices and employees

WHILE politicians debate the theories around increasing youth employment, the practicalities of meeting these targets fall on the shoulders of individual employers. And with more young people rejecting further education because of concerns around rising debts, apprenticeships are increasing in popularity. Yet when it comes to employing apprentices, interns or taking on work experience students, employers should be aware that different legal obligations apply.

5 May 2015 09:30

Videos highlight benefits of good health and safety practice

THE British Safety Council (BSC) has released a series of short videos on the business benefits of good health and safety - filmed with experts from the European Agency on Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA).

5 May 2015 09:30

Auto-enrolment and ways to ensure compliance

What’s my staging date? By August 2015 the Pensions Regulator will have issued letters to every employer advising them of their staging date. Note this date and start making plans; delaying making a start will not postpone your staging date.

5 May 2015 09:30

Fife businesses urged to voice their opinions

FIFE Council is calling on the local business community to have its say and share its views.

5 May 2015 09:30

Calls a challenge to the internet age?

CONSUMERS in Scotland looking for basic information about companies are just as likely to use the phone as go online, new research has revealed.

28 Apr 2015 09:30

Fife’s well-known Styx venues up for sale

TWO of Fife's most well-known night spots and entertainment venues, Styx Nightclub in Glenrothes and the Ambassadeur Snooker Club and Styx Bar in Kirkcaldy, have been put on the market.

28 Apr 2015 09:30

Event to reveal more on emerging digital health market

ACCORDING to Scotland’s Digital Health and Care Institute (DHI), a growing revolution in long-term health care is opening up new opportunities for social entrepreneurs, innovative tech startups and early-stage businesses to take advantage of an emerging market currently worth more than £20 billion to the UK economy (and estimated to rise to £30.5 billion by 2020*).

28 Apr 2015 09:30

Third sector tax relief fund to offer social and financial return

BRITONS are set to benefit from a social – as well as financial – return on their investments thanks to a new tax relief fund being rolled out this month.

14 Apr 2015 09:30

Eleven new partners take up posts at Hardies

A Scottish surveying firm says it has embarked on a new era in business by lining up a new ‘First XI’ team of partners.

14 Apr 2015 09:30

New SME banking service from Santander

SANTANDER Corporate & Commercial says it has launched a new suite of services and products for the country’s most ambitious businesses.

12 Apr 2015 09:30

Growing optimism among Scotland’s solicitors

SCOTTISH solicitors are showing greater confidence in the future of their profession, according to a Law Society of Scotland survey.

11 Apr 2015 09:30

New SME banking service from Santander

SANTANDER Corporate & Commercial says it has launched a new suite of services and products for the country’s most ambitious businesses.

11 Apr 2015 09:30

New Edinburgh cash collection service designed for SMEs

A new cash collection service designed to provide SMEs with a more secure and less disruptive way of banking their daily takings has been launched in Edinburgh.

10 Apr 2015 09:30

Army drives home SME message in recruitment bid

ARMY reservists are worth £377 million to UK employers. That’s their overall training value, according to the Ministry of Defence (MoD), whose Armed Forces are embarking on their biggest transformational change since the end of World War II.

8 Apr 2015 09:30

Merchant bank calls for annuities guidance

CHANCELLOR George Osborne has started firing the gun on the resale of annuities before businesses have seen the impact of last year’s reforms.

7 Apr 2015 07:30

Small Business Act just one step in long journey

MEASURES designed to pave the way for businesses to get improved access to finance have become law following Royal Assent for the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act being given this week but, according to Sacha Bright, the founder and chief executive of the UK's crowdfunding aggregator, BusinessAgent, it is too early for Britain's SMEs to start celebrating.

7 Apr 2015 07:30

Edinburgh property firm looks to China

MORE and more Scottish SMEs are recognising the importance of the Chinese international market.

7 Apr 2015 07:30

Overseas trading support

BUSINESS Gateway Fife is offering a number of services for businesses looking to trade outwith Scotland and overseas.

7 Apr 2015 06:30

Scottish firms to tap into East Africa’s developing market

TWELVE Scottish organisations – from business and academia – with an interest in the oil and gas sector, headed off to Mozambique and Tanzania last month to break into East Africa’s up-and-coming market.

7 Apr 2015 06:30

Devolution could make tax more complex, warns CIOT

THE Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has warned that draft legislation concerning the devolution of tax powers to Scotland could result in a broad swathe of unintended complexities, including forcing many more taxpayers into self-assessment.