Cloud-based business management and ERP software key for digital oilfield

Published: 7 Apr 2015 06:30


FIFE-based systems integrator Cooper Software, says that mid-sized exploration and production companies could see immediate benefits by embracing cloud-based business management and reporting software for the digital oilfield.

Exhibiting at the Oil and Gas ICT Leader Conference in Aberdeen, founder and owner of Cooper Software, Frank Cooper insists that re-investing in the latest management and business intelligence (BI) software, delivers overall efficiencies, savings through automation, reductions in administration and helps companies maintain a competitive edge. With BI specifically, huge savings can be found in the existing data the business has already buried in their systems, including the reduction of non-essential inventory and stock; shortening outstanding debts; reducing subcontractor and supplier fees; improving invoice accuracy and therefore speeding up payments.

The digital oilfield exists to show how an exploration or production company can better deploy areas such as operations, people, technology and processes. Pre-digital oilfield, the information landscape in this arena has functioned using traditional reporting, which provided detailed data in each area but critically it failed to meet the digital oilfield objective where cross-function data transparency is the aim.

Frank Cooper, Founder and Managing Director, Cooper Software said: “With oil prices at record low levels it is understandable that organisations are nervous and protective over their bottom line and are looking to make serious savings to help insulate themselves from this market repositioning. As part of this thinking mid-sized exploration and production companies’ IT leaders have the opportunity to use the digital oilfield approach to deliver these savings much faster and smarter than would ever be possible following the traditional approaches to cost cutting.

“We have experienced a great deal of success in delivering transformational change to organisations using enterprise software. Our strategy has to be develop strategic partnerships with tech heavyweights NetSuite and Qlik, so that combined with our experience we have the ability to provide modern, intuitive and established cloud and business intelligence platforms that will deliver overall efficiencies and major savings for businesses. At this point in time the oil and gas sector has never been in more need of the current advances in systems and technology to help push their businesses through the austerity that is upon us.”

Adds Frank: “Integrating the tidal wave of live data from multiple disciplines and geographic locations will increase asset integrity and production, whilst reducing costs. Now that sophisticated data analysis and mobile technologies are available and proven, the industry absolutely needs to embrace it and make the most of what is achievable. How companies build their view of the ‘big picture’ will certainly give them a competitive edge over those who don’t take this modern approach.”

Cooper Software has created a “shrink wrapped” version of NetSuite which provides a single point Cloud platform which reaches across all departments within an enterprise, eliminating the need for IT hardware, reducing capex and internal IT support and maintenance. In short delivering a scalable manageable systems platform that matches the company’s performance which can both shrink and grow without the need for capital expenditure or like at this point in time provide the ability to reduce down license fees.

With Qlik, the application simplifies complex reporting for Supply Chain, Asset Management, Human Resources, Operations, Safety and Finance departments, all key in the digital oilfield. Each Qlik application produces single point reports that reach across all levels of an organisation, from high level KPI’s through to the deep analytical detail, to make qualified and well-judged decisions using up to date, single source information.

Frank Cooper ended: “These systems are tremendously adaptable and can be easily integrated into virtually any existing business and supported by comprehensive training packages so that local teams can own how these reports and systems are managed and maintained. Both NetSuite and Qlik applications work seamlessly with no modification necessary on smart phones, tablets and web browsers, ensuring that critical reports are available in any location at any time.”

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