More than 800 charities benefit from Bank of Scotland Foundation

Published: 4 Jun 2015 06:30


THE Bank of Scotland Foundation welcomed more than 150 guests, including MSPs and 80 charities, to its fourth annual reception at the Scottish Parliament earlier this week.

From left, Kate Hughes, and MSPs Bill Kid and Ruth Davidson, who all spoke at the event.

From left, Kate Hughes, and MSPs Bill Kid and Ruth Davidson, who all spoke at the event.

It has distributed over £6 million to more than 800 charities since its launch in November 2010, enabling thousands of people to benefit from a variety of local services.

Speaking at the event, Bill Kidd, MSP, said: “It’s a pleasure to be asked to speak at this significant event for the Bank of Scotland Foundation. I was delighted to meet a number of the Scottish charities that attended on the evening. The grants made to these charities by the Bank of Scotland Foundation provide an important lifeline and help support the great work undertaken by the charities with disadvantaged and vulnerable people. I applaud the immense work undertaken by the Foundation and fully recognise the difference it is making within our communities. I also applaud Lloyds Banking Group for continuing its important support of this key Foundation.”

Bank of Scotland Foundation

The Bank of Scotland Foundation is an independent charity that is dedicated to supporting people and their local communities throughout Scotland. Its goal is to help communities flourish by making a real, tangible, difference to many thousands of people in deprived areas. The Foundation receives an annual donation of £2 million from Lloyds Banking Group to fund its Grants Programmes and Matched Giving Programme.

Kate Guthrie, chair of Bank of Scotland Foundation and HR director, Culture, Capability and Engagement, said: "It is always a pleasure to meet those charities who have received funding from the Bank of Scotland Foundation. It brings to life, the real difference our funding makes within local communities throughout Scotland.”

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